Alan Dusel, owner, and the vintage "Record Plant Console."


A Piece of Recording History Comes to WNY!

Starfields Productions, located at 463 Amherst Street in Buffalo, NY has had the unique opportunity to acquire a piece of recording history! Working directly with the owner of Streetlight Studios in Manhattan NY, Starfields owner Alan Dusel, has purchased and recently refurbished a large-frame vintage recording console that was part of the famous studio, The Record Plant NY recording complex on W. 44th Street. Fully restored and completely functional, this mixing console now makes it’s home in Studio A, one of the studios at the Starfields recording complex.

The Record Plant NY recording complex, no longer in operation, was a major player in the recording industry from the early 70s to the mid 90s. Well known recording artists and bands such as Jimi Hendrix, Aerosmith, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Chick Corea, John Lennon, and many others made The Record Plant their home, recording some of their greatest hits, many achieving gold or platinum status. It is a documented fact that John Lennon left a session at The Record Plant shortly before his untimely death in December of 1980.
The acquisition of this recording console, an Otari/Soundworkshop 54 input Series 34C, originally installed at The Record Plant Studio B from 1986-1995, is part of a planned facility upgrade and renovation, aimed in particular at bands and indie labels. With the addition of this console, the ability to obtain that big, warm, national label quality sound is now within reach of bands, recording artists and producers in Western NY. Richie Giarratano, chief technician for Soundworkshop and Otari, was commissioned to oversee the complete renovation of the console.

Starfields Productions is a full service recording/production facility, offering services ranging from complete album planning, production, recording and mastering, “on location” live recording, demo packages, broadcast and jingle writing, arranging, to full service CD duplication and graphic design. A series of recording/production workshop courses and internships are also available. Serving WNY since 1986, Starfields’ goal is to provide a quality, creative and relaxed environment for the local and regional recording community, offering a unique combination of state of the art digital recording equipment and vintage analog gear, all at an affordable price. This marriage of hi-tech digital and vintage analog equipment will allow local bands, recording artists, and record labels the opportunity to achieve quality recordings not obtainable with today’s digital gear alone.

Upon completion of the facility renovation, Alan, owner/producer, and Mike Gray, chief engineer, plan to launch an independent record label, allowing bands, solo artists, and producers of all musical styles the opportunity to record, market and distribute their product to the masses. Song writers, solo artists, and band demos are now being accepted. No demo, no problem; we can help! For more information, please contact us at (716) 871-9226, or email us at We can also be found on the web at:

Contact us today for introductory recording packages, complete full album package prices, and special late night session rates, and take advantage of the opportunity to record in a properly designed, acoustically treated, relaxed environment with experienced, trained “musical” engineers on a serious vintage recording console with nostalgia. Experience The Record Plant sound quality now at a fraction of the cost!

Alan Dusel/Starfields Productions


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Richie Guaratano working on the console.



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