STUDIO "A" ...the "red" room  

Control room "A"
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Designed by...
Working closely with David Bellanca, formerly of Communication Task Group, Control Room "A" was designed as an LEDE room (live end / dead end) that is completely symmetrical. Patterned after many of the large scale studios on the West Coast such as West Lake Audio, this control room design allows critical recording and mix decisions to be made in a perfectly balanced listening environment without the fear of how your recording will sound in the "real world."

Room dimensions & descriptions...


Acoustically designed and treated to virtually eliminate room reflections at the critical mix position, you can be sure that what you hear in the control room will be what you hear at home, not what you get from some low budget basement home studio. 16' x 14', "Control A" provides enough room to accommodate your needs and our recording equipment, yet maintains that intimate cozy feeling that is desirable when focusing on your music.


16' x 12', Isolation "A" features a floating floor design to help maintain separation and reduce acoustical vibration from the control rooms and the recording rooms. Designed with a combination of both hard (reflective) and soft (absorptive) materials, this room is perfect for recording instruments from soft quiet intimate vocals or quiet acoustic instruments such as flute or violin, to loud roaring guitar amplifiers, while maintaining maximum isolation. This room also features a "Vocal Wing," an acoustic wall design used to capture subtle vocal performances characteristic of ballads, as well as a variable acoustic wall used to vary the reflectivity of the room for various uses.


6' x 6', this room is large enough for a single vocalist or instrumentalist. This room is often used as an isolation room to mic a guitar or bass guitar amplifier, to help maximize the separation while recording a complete rhythm section (drums, guitars, and bass) all at once.


48' x 35', this room is widely used for large ensembles or bands desiring to perform together. Known for its unique drum sound, this room has been kept reflective by maintaining mostly hard surfaces. Although one of the walls has been treated with absorptive materials to eliminate a "slap" echo, you will find the large room useful for capturing a natural "live" sound for bands and large ensembles such as jazz groups or choirs.


Control Room "A" is a traditional large format console tracking room, featuring a 40 input Otari Series 34C analog console and 2 Otari RADAR 24 track hard disk digital recorders, together totaling 48 tracks. Offering ample outboard signal processing, this room is perfect for recording bands of all types, such as rock, alternative, punk, acoustic based, folk, etc. This room also houses our large midi production rig including an Apple Macintosh G4 computer with a large assortment of keyboards, samplers, software, and sound modules used to arrange R&B, Rap, and pop songs when a full band is not available or needed, such as solo artists projects. Large-scale midi arrangements and commercial jingles are also produced in Control A.

Primary use/purpose ...

Control Room "A," all the isolation rooms, and "The Big Room" are all electronically tied together to provide a completely integrated recording environment available for recording complete bands, large or small ensembles, or R&B, pop, and rap projects.



Although the recording concepts are the same from Studio "A" and Studio "B," the way things are done are radically different! The era of utilizing computers for recording, editing, and mixing complex musical arrangements has arrived, and Studio B offers the latest state of the art system available. The new Digidesign Pro Tools HD 3 Macintosh based recording DAW (digital audio workstation) is featured, with a large assortment of software "plug-ins" that help shape your sound. Utilizing a high sample rate recording process, Pro Tools HD preserves the details and nuances of your music to the highest degree.


STUDIO "B" ...the "blue" room

Control room "B"
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Designed by...
Initially used as a mastering suite by Dave Bellanca of Communication Task Group, what is now known as our "Studio B" was actually designed and built first. Completed in 1990 and recently renovated last year, the "blue" room was used to master full-length albums using Studer Dyaxis workstations for various clients and neighboring studios. David Bellanca and CTG moved out west to Las Vegas in 1994, leaving the room vacant until Starfields expanded and opened Studio B in 1997.

Room dimensions & descriptions...


16' x 12', featuring a similar LEDE design as studio, fully mirror imaged and symmetrical as "A." Once again both hard and soft surfaces combine to offer a listening environment that translates well to other listening spaces, such as home, auto, TV, web, and even portables such as walkmans and MP3 players. Yes, the rooms that you work in make a tremendous difference to the overall finished sound of your final product!

Primary use/purpose ...

If you need the best possible recording and production package available for your next project, the "blue" room is your choice! Combining a state of the art computer assisted recording and mixing system with the latest super high quality microphone preamps and microphones in a perfectly designed listening environment, you are sure to get the best recording possible! Our engineers are trained using this specific Pro Tools system, to guarantee the highest quality product while being as efficient as possible during the recording and mixing process. Call now to make an appointment for us to demonstrate this amazing system! Recording will never be the same.





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