Equipment list...

Mixing Consoles:

Otari 34C 24 bus recording console (Studio A)
40x24x40 with 92 inputs at mix
4 band EQ, 6 aux sends with full patchbay, and Otari Diskmix 2 automation.

Mackie 32x8 / 8 bus console (Studio B)
32x8 inline console with meter bridge
64 inputs with EQ, 76 total at mix
4 band EQ, 6 aux sends

Mackie 24Ex console expander, for Mackie 32x8

Audio Recorders:

ProTools HD 3 (v. 5.3) w/ 192 & 96 interfaces
(2)17" Apple 17" LCD monitors
(1) Apple G4 867MHz/1GB RAM
128 Tracks at Playback Records at Once:32 Digital/24 Analog
with 590 GB firewire storage

(3) Otari RADAR I 24 track hard disk digital w/ two totaling 72 tracks in RADARLINK mode, with external drive bays, exabyte tape backup, and Otari "Radarview"

Otari MX-70 16 track analog recorder/reproducer with full function remote

Otari MTR-10 2 track analog r/r mastering deck with center track T/C (30/15/7.5 ips)

Akai DR4d digital hard disk recorder
with SMPTE and Midi Sync cards installed

(3)Alesis ADAT dig. eight track recorders w/ BR-C

Soundscape HDR-1plus digital audio workstation
12 track record / playback on hard disk
full digital audio editing / mastering system
12 gig hard drive for 40 hrs. audio recording

(2) Panasonic SV-3700 RDAT

digital audio tape recorders (DAT) with remotes

PreSonus FireStation Dual MicPre, 8in/8out DAW for Digital Performer

ProTools System:

HD 3 System 1 CORE card, 2 FARM cards
Apple MacIntosh G4 867MHz, 1GB RAM

192 I/O 8 analog in / 8 analog out
(2) ADAT ports, AES/EBU, S/PDIF, TDIF (2) 96 I/O 8 analog in / 8 analog out


Metric Halo Channel Strip, Maxim, Focusrite d2 2-6 band EQ, Focusrite d3 - Comp./Limiter, Bombfactory LA-2A & 1176, WAVES Platinum Bundle (Gold, Renaissance, Masters and Restoration), Aphex Aural Exciter & Big Bottom Pro, Sony Oxford EQ, McDSP MC2000, McDSP Filter Bank, George Massenburg Labs EQ, D-Verb, Reverb One, Antares Auto-Tune, Virus, PitchDoctor, TC Tools, Eventide H949 Harmonizer, Wave Mechanics SPEED, Amplitube, Drawmer Dynamics, and stock plug-ins.

Cassette Decks:

Denon DRW-840 dual well record cassette deck
JVC TD-531 3 head stereo cassette deck
Tascam 122 3 head stereo mastering cassette deck
Sony TC-WR901ES dual well record cassette deck
Harmon Kardon CD401 3 head stereo cassette deck

Video Recorders:

Sony VO-5600 3/4" Umatic Pro video recorder used for video post, audio layback, etc.
Canon HPF-600 1/2" VHS Hifi VCR
Panasonic PV-6500 portable VHS VCR
Panasonic PK-957 camera for above with case

Audio Monitors:

(2 pr.) Westlake BBSM-10 (mains)
Dynaudio BM5 (near field)
Dynaudio BM-15 (near field)
ADS 300C (near field)
KRK V8 (self-powered biamplified near field)

Monitor Amplifiers:

McIntosh MC2300 350 w/p/ch (mains)
Yamaha P-2200 220 w/p/ch/ (near field)
Ashley ASH 2200 200 w/p/ch (mains) Hafler TransNova 3000
Amherst Audio A-2000 w/p/ch

CD Players/recorders:

Marantz CDR620 stand alone digital CD recorder/player with full function remote
Yamaha CD-3 with wireless remote
Sony RCD-W1 CD/CDR recorder-dubber
Technics SLP520 with wireless remote
Technics SLPG100 with wireless remote
Sony D9 portable CD player

Effects Processors:
(Echo, Delay, Reverb, Mic Preamps)

Lexicon 300 Digital Reverb/EFX Processor
(2) Lexicon LXP15II digital reverb/EFX processor
TC Electronics M2000 digital EFX processor
TC Electronics M One multi-effects processor
Lexicon PCM 60 Digital Reverb
ART Multiverb Alpha 2.0 multi EFXS
URSA Major 8x32 MkII digital reverb with remote
Lexicon LXP-1 reverb with MRC remote
Yamaha Rev-7 digital EFX processor
Yamaha SPX-90 digital EFX processor
Yamaha SPX-50D digital EFX processor
Digitech TSR24 digital multi-EFX processor
Digitech DSP21 Pro digital multi-EFX processor with remote foot pedal primarily for guitar EFX
Lexicon Model 95 Prime Time II dual delay line with 2.56 seconds expanded memory option
Alesis Midiverb III digital multi-EFX processor
Alesis Midiverb II digital multi-EFX processor
Korg SDD-2000 digital sampling delay line
TC Electronics P210 stereo chorus/phase pedal
Focusrite Red 7 Microphone preamp/dynamics
Presonus MP20 Stereo microphone preamp

Effects Processors:
(Dynamic, EQ, Misc.)

Amek System 9098 MicPre/EQ
Focusrite Red 7 MicPre/Compressor/De- Esser/Exciter
(3) Behringer MDX2100 stereo comp/limiter
(3) Behringer MDX2200 stereo comp/limiter
(3) Audio Arts 1200 mono comp/limiter
DBX166 stereo comp/limiter
Behringer XR2000 stereo intelligate
Aphex Type B Aural Exciter
BBE822A Sonic Maximizer
Tascam PE40 4 channel parametric EQ
Audio Arts 4100B mono parametric EQ/pre-amp
Roland PQ50 mono parametric EQ
ART Pro MPA stereo tube pre-amp
TL Audio C1 stereo tube mic preamp/compressor
(2) Audioarts 1202 stereo compressor/limiter
DBX 1066 stereo compressor/limiter
JBL/UREI 7110 compressor/limiter
Plug-Ins Waves Platinum Bundle Gold/Masters/Restoration/ Renaissance.
Reverb One Multi-Reverb
Metric Halo Channel Strip - compressor/gate/
6-Band EQ
Antares Auto-Tune 3 Vocal/Instrument Pitch Correction
Focusrite d2(EQ)/d3(Compressor/Limiter)
TC Tools MegaReverb/ChorusDelay/EQ
Bombfactory LA-22, 1176 Compressor Model


Apple Power Macintosh G3/300Mhz w/24x CDROM , 128 meg RAM with extended keybd. & mouse, ATTO SCSI accelarator card and 4gig Ultra SCSI internal hard drive

Viewsonic PS790 19" high res. video monitor
(3) Syquest EZ230 meg SCSI removable hard drive
Syquest EZ135 meg SCSI removable hard drive
Panasonic 7502 8x CD reader, 4x CD recorder
(2) Syquest 44 meg SCSI removable hard drives
IBM 520 meg fixed SCSI hard drive
Apple 150 2x CDROM SCSI drive
Suprafax 56.6k modem
HP P1000 PhotoSmart Color Printer
Compaq Presario 450MHz w/ 32x CDROM, 64 meg RAM, w/ Adaptec SCSI card, kybd, mouse

Viewsonic" 21" high res. video monitor
(2) Iomega ZIP100 removable hard drives

Computer Programs:

ProTools 5.3
MOTU Digital Performer 3.11 digital audio recording/midi sequencing for Macintosh
MOTU Performer 6.0 midi sequencing forMac
MOTU Unisyn Editor/Librarian for Macintosh
Apple Final Cut Pro (v. 3 & 4) Professional Video Editing
Akai MESA waveform editing for samplers (Mac)
Akai AK-Sys S5000 sampler editor
CD Xtract Akai S5000 sampler librarian
Adaptec Toast and Jam CD mastering (Mac)
Alchemy 3.0 waveform editing for samplers (Mac)
Soundscape 2.04 digital audio workstation for PC
CD Architect CD mastering software for PC
EZ CD Pro CD mastering software for PC
Acid for PC with large CD Rom library


(1) Rode "Classic" variable pattern microphone (large diaphram, tube condensor)
(1) B.L.U.E. Dragonfly condenser microphone
(2) AKG C414EB condensor microphones
(1) Neumann KMS-105 Condenser Microphone
(2) Shure SM81 condensor microphones
(2) Audio Technica AT-4030 cond. microphones
(1) Shure Beta 52 dynamic microphone
(4) Shure SM57 dynamic microphones
(4) Shure SM58 dynamic microphones
(1) Shure SM58 BETA dynamic microphone
(1) Audio Technica ATM-25 dynamic microphone
(1) AKG D3600 dynamic microphone
(1) AKG 535EB hand held condensor microphone
(2) Shure Unidyne dynamic microphones

Keyboards/Midi Gear:

Korg Triton 61 keyboard workstation w/ studio essentials expander card installed Yamaha Motif 6 keyboard workstation
Yamaha KX88 88 key weighted keyboard controller
Roland JD800 digital programmable synthesizer
Kurtzweil K2000 V3.0 programmable synthesizer
Ensoniq VFX-SD digital programmable synthesizer
Roland JV-1080 (2) prog. synth w/2 expanders Roland JD-990 digital programmable synth module
Alesis DM5 (2) Percussion Module
EMU Proteus 1 digital sound module
Korg Wavestation SR programmable synthesis
(2) Akai S5000 Stereo Dig. Sampler
w/192MB RAM and large 150+
CDROM sample library
AKAI S1100 Stereo Digital Sampler w/16 meg RAM
AKAI S1100EX expander for above w/10 meg RAM
Akai S3200XL Stereo Dig. Sampler w/32 meg RAM
Korg M1R digital programmable synthesizer Yamaha TX81Z digital FM tone generator
Roland MKS20 digital piano module
Roland D-550 digital programmable synthesizer
Oberheim Matrix 6R analog programmable synth.
Oberheim Matrix1000 analog programmable synth.
MOTU MTPII computer midi interface
MOTU Midi Time Piece computer midi interfaces
Opcode Studio 5 computer midi interface
Simmons SDS9 Electronic Drum module
DrumKAT EZ electronic drum midi controller
Roland D110 digital programmable synthesizer
Roland MKS50 digital programmable synthesizer
Casio VZ10M digital programmable synthesizer
Casio VZ8M digital programmable synthesizer
Roland MKS70 programmable synth w/ editor
Yamaha TX802 digital FM tone module

Musical Instruments:

Taylor 14T 6 string acoustic guitar
Guild D40 Acoustic Guitar
Casio PG380 Electric Guitar / Midi Controller
Ovation "Country Artist" Nylon String Guitar
5 piece CB acoustic drum set with cymbals
Lab Series L11 custom built guitar amp with (1)
JBL L120 12" Speaker for recording
Crate CA-112D Acoustic Instrument Amplifier
Fender "Evil Twin" Reverb Guitar Amp
Trademark Tech 21 15W Guitar Amp


Radio Systems TI-101 Telephone Interface
(5) Oak custom made racks


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